The Captain by Marisabel Bonet-Cruz

This book has been in the making for such a long time. From character concepts doodled in some scrap UCF computer printout, to Word documents in that old Sony desktop computer, to finally being printed by Sometimes it’s a challenge to get things done, but it’s always very satisfying to see dreams fulfilled. The Captain is my sister’s first published book. She’s hard at work on her second. This new version features a cover with illustrations done by MM Bonet (my other sister) and cover design done by yours truly.

Book Description

1595. Puerto Rico. The Aquino Plantation is a world of wealth, tradition, and loyalty to Spain. For sixteen year-old Soledad it is a world of empty rituals and hypocrisy. Until the night she is captured by pirates. The night she meets Captain Luna Negra. Luna Negra is a pirate. He lives in a world of violence and betrayal. His life has been dedicated to the destruction of the Spanish rule. Until he meets Soledad. Now, their lives can no longer be the same. Soledad must face what it means to be a lady of Spain, the fiancée of headstrong Captain Rodrigo de las Rosas, and a silent member of a society trapped in the past. Luna Negra must question his place as the leader of his men, his part in a society that shuns him, and his blind desire for revenge. United in their search for freedom, Soledad and Luna Negra must find their true destiny.

Below, you can see the complete cover design –


Monday Challenge Oct. 26 09

Challenge for writers:

This time, you get to choose the story genre! Simply start your 500-1,500 word story with one of the following story starters:

1. Her name was Lily, but the villagers only knew her as The Captain…

2. The tile slipped and landed with a crash…

3. It was karaoke night…

Keep it PG please! PG-13 is okay too.

Challenge for graphic designers, by Prisca

An oxymoron is when two contradictory terms are combined to create meaning. Shakespeare used them quite frequently: “heavy lightness”, “sweet sorrow”, “bright smoke”, “cold fire”, etc. You can choose one of these oxymorons or create one of your own and design an image that represents that oxymoron and is obvious to anyone who stops to look and think about it. (I’m thinking like the popular image of a screw and a baseball…something like that but with oxymorons).

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