Personalized 2 inch Circle Tags – Set of 120 Tags Great for Any Celebration

These are the latest additions to my Etsy Store: sets of 120 circle tags. These tags are great for any occasion: weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, birthdays, anniversaries or use them as thank you tags. They are personalized and fully customizable – I can change them to whatever color scheme your event features.

Each set is for 120 –  2 inch circle tags, punched with a hole, and printed on one side.

Buy them from my Etsy store:

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Happy Three Kings Day!

Hello Everyone!

I know- I’ve been absent for a while. All I can say, without getting into personal details of my life, is that life sends unexpected curve balls your way and you have to deal with them and all the consequences that they stir up in their trajectory. My Christmas vacation wasn’t the escape to Paradise that I had hoped and planned for, but I still got to enjoy some part of it and share moments with my family and friends- which is the most important part.

Anyhoo. Thank you for reading and for hanging on patiently. The last 10 greeting cards of the 30 Days of Design will be forthcoming in the next days. I’m also working on some original designs using Illustrator, which I’ll be posting here soon.

Now, with all of that out of the way:



I know, the card says “Merry Christmas”, but it still has the three wise men on it. ^_^

Later days!

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30 Days of Design: Greeting Cards: Day 20

Thinking of you – Version 2

This card went through a lot of transformation. First it was going to be a Thank You card (the original file name gives that away), but I decided against doing another Thank You card. The rounded rectangles in the background changed from color, size and position various times before I finally got inspired to fill them with “handwritten” text. I even considered doing a word cloud, like the ones you can create over at Wordle, but decided against it. (I’ll hold on to that idea for a future design). I do like the way the card turned out, specially the bird.


Wow. Only 10 more days of designs left!

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30 Days of Design: Greeting Cards: Day 13

I know, two posts on the same day. Day 12 was on Saturday. Day 13 is Sunday. Don’t know what happened…
Today we have another classy and elegant “Thank You” card (or whatever other expression you want to add in the middle) in purple and blue! The background pattern is from the Octopus collection by Mae-b.


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30 Days of Design: Greeting Cards: Day 11

Time for another Thank You card. Well, that’s what I had in mind when I designed it, but you can add whatever message you want in the middle portion.  Today’s card features a classic and elegant look in red and gray.


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