Karate / Martial Arts / Ninja Birthday Invitations / Cupcake Toppers

So you want to be the next Karate Kid…or maybe your kid or maybe you know someone who does. It doesn’t matter – I think, deep inside we all wish we could do some awesome flips and twirl some nunchucks. With that in mind, I create some karate inspired birthday invitations and cupcake toppers.

Karate Martial Arts Ninja Personalized Birthday Party Invitations

I’m offering these in two formats – as printable PDFs or as pre-printed sets of 8 invitations and envelopes. Check my store listing for prices and specifications. The cupcake toppers are also sold in the two formats. In addition, personalization is free for these designs. Just send the specified information on the “Message to Seller” section of Etsy.

Karate Martial Arts Ninja Personalized Cupcake Toppers


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