The Captain by Marisabel Bonet-Cruz

This book has been in the making for such a long time. From character concepts doodled in some scrap UCF computer printout, to Word documents in that old Sony desktop computer, to finally being printed by Sometimes it’s a challenge to get things done, but it’s always very satisfying to see dreams fulfilled. The Captain is my sister’s first published book. She’s hard at work on her second. This new version features a cover with illustrations done by MM Bonet (my other sister) and cover design done by yours truly.

Book Description

1595. Puerto Rico. The Aquino Plantation is a world of wealth, tradition, and loyalty to Spain. For sixteen year-old Soledad it is a world of empty rituals and hypocrisy. Until the night she is captured by pirates. The night she meets Captain Luna Negra. Luna Negra is a pirate. He lives in a world of violence and betrayal. His life has been dedicated to the destruction of the Spanish rule. Until he meets Soledad. Now, their lives can no longer be the same. Soledad must face what it means to be a lady of Spain, the fiancée of headstrong Captain Rodrigo de las Rosas, and a silent member of a society trapped in the past. Luna Negra must question his place as the leader of his men, his part in a society that shuns him, and his blind desire for revenge. United in their search for freedom, Soledad and Luna Negra must find their true destiny.

Below, you can see the complete cover design –


TGIF- Let's Party: July 23 – It's A Boy! Printable Baby Shower Party Set

Here’s my last set with the baby theme – a Baby Shower party set.

This cute set includes:

* 2 inch circle tags (use as cupcake toppers, tags, decorating cups, etc.) (4 designs)
* 4 inch circle tag (use as fans, decorations, etc.)
* Cupcake wrappers
* Flag toppers (4 designs)
* Baby Shower sign (personalize with Mother-to-be’s name)
* Napkin rings (2 designs)
* 5″ x 7″ Invitation (2 designs)
* 4.5″ x 6″ Envelope template
* Water bottle labels
* Place holders
* Cut-outs of “It’s a boy!”, baby stroller, baby bib, bottle, heart rattle, rattle, baby clothe and pregnant mother-to-be (available in blonde, brunette and African-American)


Customization of this set is available for an extra $2.00. Please send me an e-mail before you buy:

Customization includes the following: personalizing with mother-to-be’s name, baby shower date / location and change the hair/skin/eye color on the mother-to-be art (wherever she appears on the set).

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Printable Motivational Giraffe Circles

I had teachers in mind when I made these giraffe circles, but you can use them for any occasion that calls for motivation outside of the classroom. (Like praising your children for doing their chores). Of course, you can use them for a variety of products: cupcake toppers, scrapbooking, cards, magnets, jewelry, charms, stickers and more.


– 1.75″ in diameter with a .25″ bleed (circles will print as 2″ – you can either use a 2″ punch or a smaller punch (up to 1.75″) to cut the circle)


– 1 PDF formatted to 8.5″ x 11″ letterhead sized sheets
– 12 circles per sheet

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Printable Student Desk Nameplates – Giraffe Design

Education is a big part of my family, since most of my relatives are involve with the education system. With that in mind, today’s design is aimed at educators, even though school is almost out for the summer. It’s never too early to start planning the next school year and gathering supplies for your new classroom. ^_^

I know teachers love to print stuff  (and find economical ways to make their classrooms beautiful), so I made some printable cute giraffe desk nameplates:

These are perfect for labeling a student’s desk or supplies. You could have the student practice writing his/her name on the top line and underneath write the seat or table  number/letter. If you laminate them you can preserve them for the entire school year!


– 9.5″ x 2.875″


– 1 PDF formatted to 8.5″ x 11″ letterhead sized sheets – Boy version
– 1 PDF formatted to 8.5″ x 11″ letterhead sized sheets – Girl version
– 2 Desk Nameplates per sheet

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30 Days of Design: Greeting Cards: Day 9

It’s funny how small things inspire you. This card started out as an African themed design. I definitely wanted the giraffe, I just wasn’t having a lot of success finding an African print to fill the background. Long story short, this card has been in the makings for a few days and I kept saving it and returning to it, but something was always off.

But today, I got a flash of inspiration. I decided to add a Polaroid frame next to the giraffe (it was still in African theme) and add a caption, “Wild Safari” or something along those lines. I was playing with the giraffe layer and just happened to hit the color overlay option and that was that. I got the break I needed. So, from African greeting to It’s A Boy!


The inside of the Polaroid frame is transparent so that buyer’s can personalize it with their own pictures of the newborn in Zazzle. I used MorganBW‘s Confetti and Streamer brush set for the confetti effect.

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