The Captain by Marisabel Bonet-Cruz

This book has been in the making for such a long time. From character concepts doodled in some scrap UCF computer printout, to Word documents in that old Sony desktop computer, to finally being printed by Sometimes it’s a challenge to get things done, but it’s always very satisfying to see dreams fulfilled. The Captain is my sister’s first published book. She’s hard at work on her second. This new version features a cover with illustrations done by MM Bonet (my other sister) and cover design done by yours truly.

Book Description

1595. Puerto Rico. The Aquino Plantation is a world of wealth, tradition, and loyalty to Spain. For sixteen year-old Soledad it is a world of empty rituals and hypocrisy. Until the night she is captured by pirates. The night she meets Captain Luna Negra. Luna Negra is a pirate. He lives in a world of violence and betrayal. His life has been dedicated to the destruction of the Spanish rule. Until he meets Soledad. Now, their lives can no longer be the same. Soledad must face what it means to be a lady of Spain, the fiancée of headstrong Captain Rodrigo de las Rosas, and a silent member of a society trapped in the past. Luna Negra must question his place as the leader of his men, his part in a society that shuns him, and his blind desire for revenge. United in their search for freedom, Soledad and Luna Negra must find their true destiny.

Below, you can see the complete cover design –


In the streets of Philadelphia

That’s where I’ll be for the next couple of days!

Why, you ask? I’ll be in town for the 99th Annual NCTE Convention!

I was lucky enough to go last year when they held it at San Antonio, TX. My close friend, Prisca from the Once Upon A Book blog did a presentation and I went for some moral support. But you know what? I had a lot of fun too! Got lots of books (some free, some I paid for), I got to see lots of different presentations, learned a lot about what is going on in the world of teaching and I even got to see some famous writers! (Hey, I got some autographed copies of my favorite The Edge Chronicles by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell). I’m really looking forward to this year’s convention. Not only will I get to see Philadelphia, but I’m sure I’ll get lots of wonderful books and meet lots of wonderful people. ^_^

Someday I hope to attend a Graphic Design convention. I’m sure they are just as fun as the English teachers meeting.

On a related note: I won’t be online from Thursday to Sunday (I’ll be too busy collecting stuff and catching the sites at Philadelphia), but I do have Internet access on my cell phone now. So I’ll be checking my e-mail and Twitter accounts occasionally during my mini-vacation.

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Once Upon A Book Blog

It’s time for a new blog banner over at Once Upon A Book Blog. Prisca asked me to design a new banner for her blog and here is the result:


I also designed her business cards:


Since I was in the designing business cards mood, I made some for myself. (I’m also going to a convention this month and I wanted to have some cards to give out. ^_^) Can’t wait to get them in the mail!


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Once Upon A Book Halloween Banner

Today I finished the new Halloween banner for Prisca’s Once Upon A Book blog. Check it out below or click on over to her blog. It also features pumpkins from Vector Jungles Halloween Vector Pumpkins.

The banner features two books:

Rickshaw Girl by Mitali Perkins
Middle School Confidential by Annie Fox


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Monday Challenge August 10 09

Writing Challenge:

Write a query letter of no more than two pages in length where you pitch your idea for a children’s or YA book.

Graphic Design Challenge by Prisca:

This week you will design a poster that an elementary school librarian could use to welcome back the students from summer vacation. You are only allowed to use fall colors such as orange, brown and yellow. You can incorporate storybook characters, but it is not necessary. As you brainstorm ideas, think about what would attract these students to the library and why.

New to Monday Challenge? Start here.

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Monday Challenge August 3 09

I apologize for the late post. My computer had an episode of the Screen of Death (KSOD). Apparently it is a common occurrence in Windows Vista. Thankfully, Prisca’s computer doesn’t run on Vista. We spent hours surfing online communities for a solution to the problem and after several restarts, we fixed the problem.

This morning my anti-virus software had a partial meltdown, so I decided it was time to upgrade it. Just finished doing all that mess (why can’t it be simple?). So without further rambling, here is this week Monday Challenge:

Writing Challenge

You can thank my beautiful cat, Spooky, for this week’s theme. Cats! Come up with a story where a feline is the main character. Pretend this is a story that will be printed as a picture book, so limit yourself to less than 500 words.

This week’s writing challenge is going to be interesting. Prisca and I have tossed around multiple ideas for pictures books and this week we are going to try an create one. Maybe if we “force” ourselves to post something here, we can finally move it from an idea in the atmosphere to something concrete. This week we’ll write it, next week we’ll attempt to put some pictures to it. Let’s see how it turns out.

Challenge for graphic designers, by Prisca

Design three icons to use in blogs (.png). Create one for each of the following: RSS feed; e-mail subscription; and contact.

New to Monday Challenge? Start Here.

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