Happy Halloween!!

To all my readers, I wish a very Happy Halloween. May your night be full of good cheer and lots of candy.

Products featuring this graphic can be purchased at my Zazzle store: Halloween Section

Happy a fun and safe Halloween!!


Victorian Style Dancing Girls with Swirls

Here’s another design from my Zazzle store. I create this design while sketching a totally unrelated graphic for my sister. It’s amazing how sometimes inspiration comes from the weirdest places. They can be found in a variety of products at my Zazzle store: http://www.zazzle.com/mcbonet

Here’s a look at how it looks on a t-shirt. This listing is customizable: you can change the word from “Love” to any other you want.

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Zazzle Products: Stylish Circles

Here are a couple of products I created for my Zazzle store. What I love about Zazzle is their ability to customize products. I make the design and then the customer can add their own text and personalize the product. It’s very convenient.  The following Zazzle products are all customizable. I’ve included a preview of what the finished product will look like with some stand-in text.  Design features a pattern from Camxso’s The French Connection pattern set.

Stylish Circle Photo Album Binder

Stylish Circles Invitation

Stylish Circles Envelope

Stylish Circles School Binder

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Printable Old Style Italian Recipe Card

I love Italian food. I also love the atmosphere of Italian restaurants – the textured walls, grape vines and classy wine bottles. It was all of these inspirations that lead to the creation of the Old Style Italian recipe card.


– 6″ W x 4″ H

File Format

Printables are PDF files formatted to 8.5″ x 11″ letterhead sized sheets for easier printing. The recipe card has two faces: (1) one for writing the recipe (seen above) and a blank side featuring the same design (seen below). I made it this way so there would be more printing choices. You can print them with a complete blank side (no design), back-to-back (with the lines for the recipe on both sides) or you can do one side with the recipe line and the other with the blank design.

You can also buy them from Zazzle: [link]

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Cursive Butterfly Business Card

On May 4th my Cursive Butterfly business card design was honored with a Today’s Best Award from Zazzle. (I was also among the top viewed products). Can’t tell you how psyched I was to receive this award and to see one of my designs in the front page of Zazzle. It was awesome! Thank you Zazzle!  Also, thank you to everyone who left comments on my product.

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Printable Motivational Giraffe Circles

I had teachers in mind when I made these giraffe circles, but you can use them for any occasion that calls for motivation outside of the classroom. (Like praising your children for doing their chores). Of course, you can use them for a variety of products: cupcake toppers, scrapbooking, cards, magnets, jewelry, charms, stickers and more.


– 1.75″ in diameter with a .25″ bleed (circles will print as 2″ – you can either use a 2″ punch or a smaller punch (up to 1.75″) to cut the circle)


– 1 PDF formatted to 8.5″ x 11″ letterhead sized sheets
– 12 circles per sheet

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Little Sakura Party Invitations

You knew it was coming sooner or later! I don’t just create the cute clip art, I also create cute items using the clip art. ^_^

Yesterday I browsed  through some Etsy listings, looking for inspiration for a different project I’m considering undertaking, and I came across some really cute birthday invitations which led me to create my own.

Sakura Invitation

They are available in two colors through my Zazzle store:

Blue Sakura Invitation: HERE (new window)

Pink Sakura Invitation: HERE (new window)

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