Free: Printable Fourth of July B.B.Q. Invitation and Envelope Template

So, we made it through the first week of our new sections. How did you like all those sets? Personally, I think they are cute and full of potential. The last set, the firefighter birthday party kit, is only available through my new Etsy store – htp:// Make sure you bookmark the store since I’ll be adding lots of different goodies in the future.

The Fourth of July is coming up next week. I’ve always associated B.B.Q.’s with this holiday (I know I’m not alone in this association.) My next theme is a patriotic B.B.Q. set. It will feature mainly grilling and food items, but it also has some patriotic red, white and blue graphics to honor this holiday. I know that Friday’s party theme will be cutting it close to the deadline, but I’ve created it so you can use it on any patriotic occasion, and not just the Fourth of July. (You can also buy it, print it, and have it done really quickly before the big day on Sunday. I believe in last minute party planning.)

Here’s a look at next week’s theme and a FREEBIE – a printable Fourth of July B.B.Q. Invitation and Envelope Template. You have to get those invitations in the mail if you’re going to have a party on Sunday! (But really, you can use them for any B.B.Q…).

:: File Dimensions ::

  • Invitation is 5″x 7″
  • Envelope is 4.5″ x 6″

:: File Format ::

  • PDF formatted to 8.5″ x 11″ letterhead sized sheets

[download id=”3″ format=”1″]

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Little Sakura Party Invitations

You knew it was coming sooner or later! I don’t just create the cute clip art, I also create cute items using the clip art. ^_^

Yesterday I browsed  through some Etsy listings, looking for inspiration for a different project I’m considering undertaking, and I came across some really cute birthday invitations which led me to create my own.

Sakura Invitation

They are available in two colors through my Zazzle store:

Blue Sakura Invitation: HERE (new window)

Pink Sakura Invitation: HERE (new window)

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Free Egyptian WordPress Theme

I’ve finally completed the Egyptian WordPress Theme. What took me so long? My Ethics class that is what happened. I had to write papers, take quizzes and that ridiculously long and repetitive final exam. But, fear not, I have not forgotten the WordPress theme. Here it is without further fanfare:


It’s not the SAME!! No, I changed the layout and some of the graphics did not make it to the final version. It still looks cool though. I tested this design with the Theme Test Drive Widget and it works great. Bugs are a reality of life, so, if you find any, let me know. This is my first theme, if you download it and use it, I would appreciate some feedback or comments. ^_^

A couple of things before you rush off to download it:

1. This theme design was made following the WordPress default by Kubrick.

2. This theme and all it’s components are for personal use ONLY.

[download id=”2″ format=”1″]

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Egyptian Template

Today I created this Egyptian themed WordPress Template in Photoshop. I’ll develop it into an official WordPress theme soon. I’ve been staring at the computer screen all day and my eyes are killing me. Just wanted to show you a preview.  ^_^


UPDATE (Ag.27.09):

I’ve completed the WordPress theme and it is now available for downloading:

[download id=”2″ format=”1″]
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