Cursive Butterfly Business Card

On May 4th my Cursive Butterfly business card design was honored with a Today’s Best Award from Zazzle. (I was also among the top viewed products). Can’t tell you how psyched I was to receive this award and to see one of my designs in the front page of Zazzle. It was awesome! Thank you Zazzle!  Also, thank you to everyone who left comments on my product.

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New Winter Holiday Greeting Card Designs

Here are some new Winter Holiday greeting card designs that I have added to my Zazzle store, under the Christmas section. You can also get the Snowman Hugs design on a variety of products including mugs, magnets, buttons and stickers. The green Seasons Greetings card features a pattern from Camxso’s Vintage-Retro Christmas Patterns.



I’ve also added a new Business Card template. You can add your contact information at the Zazzle site.


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