berry sweet treats

Yesterday I sold one of my pre-made Etsy banners to Berry Sweet Treats. Below you can see how it turned out.


Berry Sweet Treats is your one stop shop for colorful and berry sweet accessories! Follow the link to visit the shop:

If you would like a banner set for your Etsy store visit my store at : or send me an e-mail. ^_^

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Once Upon A Book Blog

It’s time for a new blog banner over at Once Upon A Book Blog. Prisca asked me to design a new banner for her blog and here is the result:


I also designed her business cards:


Since I was in the designing business cards mood, I made some for myself. (I’m also going to a convention this month and I wanted to have some cards to give out. ^_^) Can’t wait to get them in the mail!


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Once Upon A Book Halloween Banner

Today I finished the new Halloween banner for Prisca’s Once Upon A Book blog. Check it out below or click on over to her blog. It also features pumpkins from Vector Jungles Halloween Vector Pumpkins.

The banner features two books:

Rickshaw Girl by Mitali Perkins
Middle School Confidential by Annie Fox


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