Teacher Tuesdays: July 6th: Pink Sakura Classroom Resources Set

This Teacher Tuesday set is the most comprehensive one yet. It includes a lot more materials than my previous teacher sets. Among them is a 31 day calendar with 4 events (birthday, field trip, 100th day, holiday and a blank one to write in your own event) and the 12 months of the year. When I made this calendar I was thinking of those pocket charts that teachers love, but you can also make your own calendar squares out of poster board. I’ve also included motivational circles and pencil toppers. What can I say? The design was so cute I went overboard designing materials for it. If you want something that is not included on the set just send me an e-mail: bonet_graphics@yahoo.com

The set includes:

  • Door banner (Welcome / Do not disturb / Sorry we missed you / blank )
  • Student desk nameplates – 4 designs
  • Bookmarks – 4 designs
  • Hall Passes – (boys and girls bathroom, 2 hall pass )
  • Student name tags
  • Homework calendar
  • Monthly planner
  • Seating chart
  • From the desk of…
  • Star of the week
  • Blank letterhead
  • Motivational circles – 4 designs
  • Pencil toppers – 6 designs
  • 31 day calendar with events (birthday, holiday, 100th day, field trip and blank )
  • Number flash cards – 1 through 10


Customization of this set is available for an extra $2.00. Please send me an e-mail  before you buy: bonet_graphics@yahoo.com

I will only customize the following: personalizing with teacher’s name / classroom


– 1 PDF formatted to 8.5? x 11? letterhead sized sheets (27 pages)


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