Teacher Tuesdays: Printable Americana Classroom Resources Set

Our second Teacher Tuesday set continues with the patriotic theme, only I’ve given it a spin and transformed it into an Americana decor style. I really didn’t see teachers using BBQ items in their classrooms, so I keep the patriotic and tossed the food items. I really like the way these items turned out. They have that old, worn , yet charming  feeling. They are perfect for History teachers and for celebrating patriotic events during the school year.

The set includes (the above preview image does not have all items):

  • Door banners- Welcome
  • Bookmarks – 2 different designs
  • Student Desk Nameplates – 9.5″ W x 2.875″ H / 2 different designs
  • Student Name Tags –  3.5″ W x 2.5″ H / 6 per page
  • Hall Passes – girls’ bathroom, boys’ bathroom and hall pass
  • Homework Calendar
  • Monthly Planner
  • From the desk of…
  • Blank letterhead
  • Seating Chart
  • Star of the Week sheet
  • cutouts


Customization of this set is available for an extra $2.00. Please send me an e-mail  before you buy: bonet_graphics@yahoo.com

I will only customize the following: personalizing with teacher’s name and/or classroom number or subject.


– 1 PDF formatted to 8.5? x 11? letterhead sized sheets (14 pages)

Special Note: I apologize for the delay on posting today’s set. My computer is having some problems and I spent the majority of the day working with it. It doesn’t help that it’s thundering and lighting outside my window, which forces me to unplug the PC and cuts down on my work time. >_<

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