Bonet Graphic Designs Store – Offline

Hello Everyone!

As you know, I’m working on changing my website’s design, which includes the WordPress theme, the Cubecart store and my online portfolio section. I’m going to be doing a few changes in the store, so I’ve turned it off while I work on it. I’m also working with my hosting company to switch my domain. Anyway, the download files in the store are going to be re-located to another section, which will make them unavailable if anybody orders anything, so better safe than sorry.

The WordPress theme is all set and ready to go. I hope to have everything up and running again by next week.


The Cubecart design is done! My domain switching is done! Unfortunately, my Cubecart configuration got iffy in the process, so I had to re-install it. I lost all my written data (or I haven’t found it yet in my backup files). Oh well. I’ll have to re-upload all my files and write the descriptions. Good thing I didn’t have THAT many products at this point.

Which reminds me, the links on previous posts to my Cubecart listings are all broken now. I have to re-link them once I get all the products back into the store.

Thanks for your patience!

Stay frosty!


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