Carnival Showgirl Clipart / Illustration

Here it is! The most detailed chibi I’ve created so far: the Carnival Showgirl.

It took me hours to create her intricate feathered headdress and costume. I really love the way she came out. I first got the inspiration to make a Carnival Showgirl after seeing some pictures from the Rio de Janeiro Carnival online. Those costumes are fantastic.


After creating this little chibi I can appreciate all the labor that goes into designing and creating a life-size costume for any kind of showgirl.  I’d love to have one of those fabulous costumes, mainly the headdress. I love them!

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2 thoughts on “Carnival Showgirl Clipart / Illustration

  1. These are fantastic. The colouring has really gone several notches up. You’re improving every day, and it’s great to see.

    Something about the head-dress makes me think of ceremonial Aztec masks. Which is quite cool.

    Keep up the great work!

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