Stars will lead the way

Here is our latest creation in the line of Kawaii Clip Art: Stars

This little cutie has two is a bit different from the previous versions. She has a chest (and cleavage), where our previous cuties were flat and more childlike. Why do I point it out? First of all, just in case you didn’t notice it yourself, and secondly she was an experiment that lead to the creation of other, more complex cuties.

She is also modeling our first attempt at creating a pattern in Illustrator. The stars on her skirt are a repeating pattern consisting of a colored background and a couple of different sized stars. Very exciting!

Of course, she is available for purchase at our online store, just click on the link for her listing (opens in a new window).

p.s. The title of this entry comes from the song “Stars Will Lead The Way” from the Simple Mind’s album “Graffiti Soul”. You can check out the video/song on their website: Simple Minds

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