Carnival Showgirl Clipart / Illustration

Here it is! The most detailed chibi I’ve created so far: the Carnival Showgirl.

It took me hours to create her intricate feathered headdress and costume. I really love the way she came out. I first got the inspiration to make a Carnival Showgirl after seeing some pictures from the Rio de Janeiro Carnival online. Those costumes are fantastic.


After creating this little chibi I can appreciate all the labor that goes into designing and creating a life-size costume for any kind of showgirl.  I’d love to have one of those fabulous costumes, mainly the headdress. I love them!

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berry sweet treats

Yesterday I sold one of my pre-made Etsy banners to Berry Sweet Treats. Below you can see how it turned out.


Berry Sweet Treats is your one stop shop for colorful and berry sweet accessories! Follow the link to visit the shop:

If you would like a banner set for your Etsy store visit my store at : or send me an e-mail. ^_^

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Free Social Media Icons – Donuts

I decided, from time to time, to create different freebies for our blog readers and subscribers.

Here is the first free set of graphics: Social Media Icons shaped like Donuts!


I was sitting around one day and I said to myself: why are all social media icons buttons or circles? So, I decided to create some with a different twist. Why not make them donuts? So here you go: Facebook, Twitter, Stumble Upon, and Flickr donut shaped icons. I have other plans for social media icons, so check back from time to time. ^_^

What You Get:

I made three different sizes of all six donuts in both PNG and JPG:

– 90 x 90 pixels
– 100  x 100 pixels
– 300 x 300 pixels

I know everybody has different sizes for their sidebars. Of course you can always open them in your favorite photo editing software and scale them down to the size you need.

**Files are for PERSONAL use ONLY ***

[download id=”1″ format=”1″]

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Stars will lead the way

Here is our latest creation in the line of Kawaii Clip Art: Stars

This little cutie has two is a bit different from the previous versions. She has a chest (and cleavage), where our previous cuties were flat and more childlike. Why do I point it out? First of all, just in case you didn’t notice it yourself, and secondly she was an experiment that lead to the creation of other, more complex cuties.

She is also modeling our first attempt at creating a pattern in Illustrator. The stars on her skirt are a repeating pattern consisting of a colored background and a couple of different sized stars. Very exciting!

Of course, she is available for purchase at our online store, just click on the link for her listing (opens in a new window).

p.s. The title of this entry comes from the song “Stars Will Lead The Way” from the Simple Mind’s album “Graffiti Soul”. You can check out the video/song on their website: Simple Minds

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Goth Dolls Clipart / Illustration

Our goth dolls are now available for purchase in our store! (Click on the picture for a link to their listing)

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New Store Items

Here’s a look at the new items available at our store. Click on the image for a link to their listings (licensed for personal use):

Little Sakura– available in three options:  solid colors, with patterned dress and as a digital stamp

Mermaid – available as a digital stamp

Bomba y Plena – available in solid colors

All graphics are also available with commercial use license, click here to find their listings.

Check back often for new additions!

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The Bonet Graphic Designs Store

I am very pleased and excited to announce the opening of my virtual store:

I’ll be targeting scrapbooking and crafting communities through my store, offering such things as clip art, illustrations, digital stamps and brush sets.

From now on I’ll be selling all my graphics through my store. I’ll still keep my Zazzle store, because it’s a great way to get my graphics on a variety of different products. I don’t have a lot of products up right now, but I plan on putting a new graphic online daily, so check back often!

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