Little Mermaid Clipart / Illustration

Ever since I created the little goth dolls I’ve had a bunch of cute designs spinning around in my head. I also changed the design of my blog (please click on the link if you’re reading this from Facebook or a reader so you can see the change!) Still have a few adjustments to make, but I love the way the pages looks now. ^_^

Anyway, here is my latest creation – a little mermaid


Yes, I know, she has a similar color scheme to another Little Mermaid (totally unoriginal). I will be changing colors, applying textures and making a set for Etsy in the coming days.

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New creations at Lady Nocturna's Amigurumi Madness

As you know, I make the product ads for Lady Nocturna’s Amigurumi Madness. Recently she completed a variety of dolls and I’ve been busy creating their ads (among other things that have kept me busy!)

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Colorful Dolls Clipart / Illustration

Here is my newest creation in Illustrator, I’m really getting addicted to using this program.  ^_^

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Little Sakura Clipart / Illustration

They say practice makes perfect right? Well, in the quest to master creating illustrations using only Illustrator (versus drawing by hand and then scanning) I have created another cutey.

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