Posh Fashion Model

It’s raining and cold today. Perfect conditions for designing and creating all sorts of cool (and cute) stuff. So I turned on my Windows Media Player and queued up my Sarah Brightman CDs on shuffle. I was all intent on creating a vase with decorations, it what was suppose to be a Mexican Vase in Illustrator, but somewhere along the way I got side tracked… VOILA! This incredibly posh fashion model was born (her skirt used to be the vase).

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Cute Blue Doggy

So I was playing around in Illustrator and I created a few cute creatures. ^_^

I call this one: Cute Blue Doggy. He is a funky, cute, cartoony, blue dog with a quirky smile, so naturally his slogan will be “Smile”. I know we could all use a bit of cheering lately. The Cute Blue Doggy encourages you to smile!  I placed him on a bunch of merchandise over at my Zazzle store (click on the image for a link).


But…why is he blue?!?

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Introducing: Ri Gorofurous Veda

I’ve finally created a chibi Veda in Illustrator! Now that I’ve made her, I can’t believe it took me this long to do it. It really wasn’t ALL that hard. I must say she doesn’t look bad for my first attempt. Expect more in the future! ^_^


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Happy Three Kings Day!

Hello Everyone!

I know- I’ve been absent for a while. All I can say, without getting into personal details of my life, is that life sends unexpected curve balls your way and you have to deal with them and all the consequences that they stir up in their trajectory. My Christmas vacation wasn’t the escape to Paradise that I had hoped and planned for, but I still got to enjoy some part of it and share moments with my family and friends- which is the most important part.

Anyhoo. Thank you for reading and for hanging on patiently. The last 10 greeting cards of the 30 Days of Design will be forthcoming in the next days. I’m also working on some original designs using Illustrator, which I’ll be posting here soon.

Now, with all of that out of the way:



I know, the card says “Merry Christmas”, but it still has the three wise men on it. ^_^

Later days!

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