30 Days of Design: Greeting Cards: Day 9

It’s funny how small things inspire you. This card started out as an African themed design. I definitely wanted the giraffe, I just wasn’t having a lot of success finding an African print to fill the background. Long story short, this card has been in the makings for a few days and I kept saving it and returning to it, but something was always off.

But today, I got a flash of inspiration. I decided to add a Polaroid frame next to the giraffe (it was still in African theme) and add a caption, “Wild Safari” or something along those lines. I was playing with the giraffe layer and just happened to hit the color overlay option and that was that. I got the break I needed. So, from African greeting to It’s A Boy!


The inside of the Polaroid frame is transparent so that buyer’s can personalize it with their own pictures of the newborn in Zazzle. I used MorganBW‘s Confetti and Streamer brush set for the confetti effect.

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