I love snowmen

It’s true. I love them. I keep away from stores like Jo-Ann and Michaels during the Holiday season because they are full of cute snowman stuff. My favorite is that country snowman style. LOVE IT! (I’m drinking grape juice out of my snowman glass as I write this, just so you can see how much I love the little guys).

Anyway, I dug out some old snowman sketches I did some years ago. I scanned them, fixed them in Illustrator and Photoshop and created the following image.


Ain’t he cute? He is available on various merchandise over at my Zazzle store. (You knew that was coming right?) ^_^

The pattern at the bottom came from Camxso’s Vintage-Retro Christmas Patterns.

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3 thoughts on “I love snowmen

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  2. I love the way he turned out. He has a country feel, like the snowmen I love! I’m working on coloring him to look like one of those country art pieces.

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