Free Egyptian WordPress Theme

I’ve finally completed the Egyptian WordPress Theme. What took me so long? My Ethics class that is what happened. I had to write papers, take quizzes and that ridiculously long and repetitive final exam. But, fear not, I have not forgotten the WordPress theme. Here it is without further fanfare:


It’s not the SAME!! No, I changed the layout and some of the graphics did not make it to the final version. It still looks cool though. I tested this design with the Theme Test Drive Widget and it works great. Bugs are a reality of life, so, if you find any, let me know. This is my first theme, if you download it and use it, I would appreciate some feedback or comments. ^_^

A couple of things before you rush off to download it:

1. This theme design was made following the WordPress default by Kubrick.

2. This theme and all it’s components are for personal use ONLY.

[download id=”2″ format=”1″]

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4 thoughts on “Free Egyptian WordPress Theme

  1. Yes, this theme is available for download. The link should work now, I changed it from Rapidshare to my own server. Thanks for looking!

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