Monday Challenge August 3 09

I apologize for the late post. My computer had an episode of the Screen of Death (KSOD). Apparently it is a common occurrence in Windows Vista. Thankfully, Prisca’s computer doesn’t run on Vista. We spent hours surfing online communities for a solution to the problem and after several restarts, we fixed the problem.

This morning my anti-virus software had a partial meltdown, so I decided it was time to upgrade it. Just finished doing all that mess (why can’t it be simple?). So without further rambling, here is this week Monday Challenge:

Writing Challenge

You can thank my beautiful cat, Spooky, for this week’s theme. Cats! Come up with a story where a feline is the main character. Pretend this is a story that will be printed as a picture book, so limit yourself to less than 500 words.

This week’s writing challenge is going to be interesting. Prisca and I have tossed around multiple ideas for pictures books and this week we are going to try an create one. Maybe if we “force” ourselves to post something here, we can finally move it from an idea in the atmosphere to something concrete. This week we’ll write it, next week we’ll attempt to put some pictures to it. Let’s see how it turns out.

Challenge for graphic designers, by Prisca

Design three icons to use in blogs (.png). Create one for each of the following: RSS feed; e-mail subscription; and contact.

New to Monday Challenge? Start Here.

RSS Feed


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