CHA Craft Supershow

I went to the CHA Craft Supershow in Orlando over the weekend. Most of my hobbies, outside of working on Photoshop, include doing a variety of crafts. Most of them are papercrafts, but I also do some polymer clay and the occasional stamping. So, how was the show?

The Good

– Tons of booths with lots of activities (make-and-take) for all levels of crafters.
– Lots of raffle opportunities and door prizes.

The Bad

– The line of Day 1 was incredibly long, but they kept us happy by passing some freebies
– Most of the make-and-take were time consuming and you had to wait around for people to finish in order to get a try
– There wasn’t a way to get the make-and-take goodies without doing the project, so you couldn’t customize them to your liking, everybody did the same thing (in most cases), and you had to do them in a hurry. I don’t like to craft like this. I like taking my time, choosing my themes, doing it my way and not having a bunch of people looking over your shoulder as you work.
– It should have been called the Scrapbooking Supershow. There were no polymer clay booths. The yarn booths were few. There were no booths dedicated to cake decorating (except for one JoAnn’s demonstration with cookies)
– The prices were a bit high, not enough “show specials”

What I Got For Free


– A tote bag from Provocraft (everybody got one) with a promotion for their new Gypsy handheld design studio.
– The Learning Light -yellow from ottlite: I picked a colored pebble from the jar and got this prize. It comes with stickers so you can add some personality to it, but I prefer to keep it yellow.
– EZ Cuts It! kit: I got this from the JoAnn’s booth just for trying the product on Day 1. It includes the EZ Cuts It! machine, a bag of foam alphabet letters, a sheet of glittery foam, and a pack of foam zoo animals
– Bamboo knitting needles in two sizes: one big and one small
– Tape measure from Clover
– Two knitting magazines
– A sample of Art Calendar magazine
– Make it Fun! T-shirt from the Styrofoam booth
– Two mini-jars of Extreme Glitter from FolkArt (gold & rose): I can’t wait to see how these turn out! I’m itching to buy some black and orange to make a Halloween sign for my apartment door.
– Lots of patterns

What I Bought


– One Crafter’s Companion: I had to have one! It makes creating boxes for my projects a lot easier. Plus it embosses and creates envelopes.
– One 12×12 clear storage box (papers not included)
– Eleven Foulard scarves from the Antique Collection (they were going for a dollar each, I had to get one in all the colors and some for gifts)

The Booths I Liked

DiyBangles: turn a wooden bangle into your own custom made bangle. I’m itching to get some extra bangles to do all sorts of designs on them
Photo Pearls: turn any picture into a pixilated version and create it with the nabbi beads. Their portrait of President Obama was awesome! Below is the make-and-take I did using their product. I spent an hour standing next to my friend while I created this because all the chairs were taken. (I went to this show with my friend Prisca from the Once Upon a Book. She made one of these too. Check it out over on her blog.)


Easy Arranger: a circular wire net for holding your flower arrangements in place. It can also be used for hair embellishments and other craft ideas. I loved the cupcake center piece example that they had on display.I made this flower corsage at their booth.


Styrofoam: you can make all sorts of things with their product, including a picture frame. I made this one to hang in my apartment.


Scrapblog: I liked this idea, though I still haven’t tried it. I have a lot of digital photos in my PC that are just sitting there not really doing anything. This service allows me to arrange my pictures as if I was doing a scrapbook, but without having to buy ALL those stickers, punches and papers.
Little Windows: beautiful photo jewelry that you can put on almost anything
BagBundle: an excellent way to stay organized
Dianna Effner Porcelain Dolls: had some cute babies and doll faces that could be made from a very soft clay
Craftwell: one of the many personal cutting systems, but this one draws and cuts
The Queen’s Ink: they had some beautiful stamps, but their prices were too high
– The Crop Shoppe: this booth had the Sizzix Big Shot Machine for $69.99. I spent a while learning how the machine works and getting samples. I didn’t buy it (though it was on special) because if I buy the machine then I have to buy a bunch of die cuts and embossing plates. It’s just not worth it at this time.

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