Free Tools to Increase Productivity

I came across a list of these cool tools while I was reading the Smash!ngapps blog. Here are the ones I found the most useful and would like to share with you. (You can checkout the rest of the list on their blog)


Ever wonder what your website looks like in different resolutions? Don’t own multiple computers to check them all? I found this website very useful. I personally have one laptop and I don’t own an iPhone, so I can’t check what my website looks like on that tiny screen.

Flipping Typical

I spend a lot of time trying to match the perfect font to the design. This website allows me to see what the type looks like in different fonts (that are on my PC) at once. I love it! Sometimes it’s hard for me to judge from the ‘Sample’ that Photoshop provides and it’s time consumming to be changing fonts over and over. I will definitely use this site a lot.

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